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Renew Net Protector Antivirus 1 User - 1 Year

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Net Protector

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Secure your digital world with Renew Net Protector Antivirus

Your reliable defense against viruses, malware, and online attacks. With advanced security features and real-time scanning, Net Protector Antivirus provides robust protection for your devices. 
Stay protected and browse with confidence – discover Renew Net Protector Antivirus today.

Here's a more detailed overview of the features of Net Protector Antivirus:

  1. Real-Time Protection:
    • Net Protector Antivirus offers real-time protection that continuously monitors your device for viruses, malware, spyware, and other online threats. It detects and blocks malicious activities in real-time, ensuring that your system remains secure at all times.
  2. Advanced Scanning:
    • The antivirus software utilizes advanced scanning algorithms to detect and remove viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, and other malicious programs from your computer. It performs thorough scans of your system files, directories, and applications to identify and eliminate any potential threats.
  3. Firewall Protection:
    • Net Protector Antivirus includes a robust firewall that acts as a barrier between your device and the internet, preventing unauthorized access and potential cyber attacks. It monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, blocking suspicious connections and safeguarding your sensitive data.
  4. Web Filtering:
    • With web filtering capabilities, Net Protector Antivirus blocks access to malicious websites and phishing attempts. It automatically identifies and blocks URLs known for hosting malware, scams, and fraudulent content, providing you with a safe and secure browsing experience.
  5. Email Scanning:
    • The antivirus software scans incoming and outgoing emails for malicious attachments, links, and content. It detects and removes email-based threats such as phishing emails, spam, and malware-infected attachments, ensuring that your email communication remains secure.
  6. USB Drive Scanning:
    • Net Protector Antivirus automatically scans USB drives, external hard drives, and other removable devices for viruses and malware when they are connected to your computer. It detects and removes any malicious files or programs present on the external storage devices, preventing them from infecting your system.
  7. Scheduled Scans:
    • You can schedule regular scans of your computer using Net Protector Antivirus to ensure proactive protection against threats. By setting up automated scans at specified intervals, you can detect and eliminate potential security risks before they can cause harm to your system.
  8. Automatic Updates:
    • Net Protector Antivirus automatically updates its virus definitions and security patches to ensure that your system is protected against the latest threats. It regularly downloads and installs updates in the background, keeping your antivirus software up-to-date and capable of defending against new and emerging threats.
  9. Quarantine Management:
    • The antivirus software isolates and quarantines suspicious files and programs detected during scans. By isolating these files from the rest of your system, Net Protector Antivirus prevents them from causing further harm and allows you to review and take appropriate action on them.
  10. Parental Controls:
    • Net Protector Antivirus offers parental control features that allow you to monitor and restrict your children's online activities. You can set up filters to block access to inappropriate websites, track their internet usage, and limit their screen time to ensure a safer online experience for your family.
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These features work together to provide comprehensive protection for your devices and ensure a secure computing environment against a wide range of cyber threats.

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How to renew Net Protector Antivirus:
  • Open your existing software of Net Protector Antivirus.
  • On Dashboard, Click on Validity
  • Insert your product key and our Dealer Code A-1037
  • Add your details.
  • Renew your software.

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