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no, butantiviruskey.com is ment for End-Users. and keeping their requirement we have made it single transaction at a Time.
wait for 10 minutes after transaction is completed. still dint received serial key. DO not panic at all.
Reasons for delay:
sometimes banking process takes time.
sometime you get SMS by little delay.
sometime bank do not process and reverse back amount in same Account
sometimes = 1 - 2%

but if its more than 10 min and still you dint received serial key you paid for. than please contact us through contact form along with details as below
full name, email, mobile, Invoice Number date and time of Transaction.
our support team will get back to you in working hours.
you are most welcome at our shop. but Pricing will be little bit higher. we wont be able to serve you at the online Pricing we are offering at buyantiviruskey.com
at buyantiviruskey.com we have total automated system. once billing process is finished our server dose not allow us to change any details. but next time you can take care to update your GST number before making any transaction. and you will receive invoice with your GST number.
we buy in Bulk. and direct from respective Antivirus Brand.
also we sell at very little margins as we are small company and hardly have any running cost to cover. we passon maxium benefits to our customers. we are here for long run. and more importantly we think we are initiating small steps towards DIGITAL INDIA. and this belief is more satisfactory than monetory Profit.
NO. Antivirus Serial keys sold on BuyAntiviruskey.com comes with Geographical lock and restricted to be activated within Indian territory only.
  Kaspersky Products we are sure, it will not activate from out side of India... rest we are not sure. Try it on your risk. as we do not offer refund or Exchange.
Activation Codes we sell on Buyantiviruskey.com is Purchased in Bulk . and thats the reason we are able to sell it more cheaper than other websites. if the Offer is for only single PACK than most Probabally Antivirus Activation Keys are not eligible for the offers or Contests offered by Company.   
we only SMS/Email you Antivirus Serial key, we do not Provide Installer CD/DVD, manual, box. you have to download Antivirus Software from respective Antivirus official website. and activate it through Serial key we delivered to you. Incase of Antivirus renewal, you already have Antivirus Installed and Activated on you device, you dont need to download anything, just insert Serial key and upgrade validity Period .
Renewal Serial key works only if you have same licensed Antivirus previously installed and activated. it upgrades license validity Period. Renewal Serial keys dose not work on demo version or on fresh installation. and thats the reason Renewal Pack is little cheaper than New Antivirus. .
NO, due to nature of business, once Serial key is send on SMS / Email, our server do not accept it for resell. and thats the reason we do not offer exchange ot refund.
NO, Antivirus Serial key Validity Period Starts from the day you Install and Activate on your PC/Laptop/Mobile..
1. remove your previous Antivirus. and Install Purchased one.
2. Gift it to someone
3. ask your local hardware shop to utilize it and take cash back from them.
1. Call Respective Antivirus Brand Support Center and ask them to help you with Installation.
2. contact your local hardware shop and pay them for Installation services.

* contact us only incase of Serial is wrong or not working. we do not help with Installation and Activation Process of Antivirus. 
Sorry, we try our best to keep Pricing at lowest. there is hardly any possiblity for more Price Reduction. but still, contact us for any Order Value above 5K.