About Us

In February 2008 we started with our much cherished website called Kondhwa.com
We are a local Hardware and computer Service provider in Pune, Kondhwa
By 2015, due to success of website Kondhwa.com and due to overwhelming response we entered into online Anti Virus sales. We realized that this market had a very large potential of reaching to the customers not through the conventional channels, but through online sales. This provided a breakthrough for our business. Due to the ease of online renewal or buying, getting anti-virus has never been so easy. Thanks to our online portal, you can now get your own antivirus within just a few clicks!
We are committed to provide the best anti-virus, with best rates which suites our customers in terms of price as well as service. Our customers get best of both the worlds: top class protection as well as lowest price.
Our presence tells loads about our reach. Having served over 300k customers and sales over 450k anti-viruses, we are here to satisfy each of our customers and serve only the best quality.
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See you on the Secure Side of the Digital World!!