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Net Protector

Net Protector Antivirus 1 User - 1 Year

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Net Protector

Region: Can be activated within Indian Region only.

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Based on 13 reviews

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Features For Net Protector Antivirus
Protective medicine for your PC, detects and removes viruses and spywares, prevents and stops internet infection, automatic updates. It gives complete protection from hackers, internet protection and security, checks memory on start up and disinfects automatically. Zero virus shield stops the viruses in real time before they reach your PC giving your PC a rock solid and reliable protection, solves all internet browsing problems, ensures smooth and fast internet connection, surfing and reduces unwanted traffic. Net Protector detects adware, spyware, risk ware, downloads, Trojans, Internet Dialer and other potentially unwanted applications. Detects and stops intrusion of new and unknown worms into your computer, stops false critical error Security warnings and unwanted pop-ups.

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Net Protector Antivirus 


How to Install Net Protector Antivirus:

To install Net Protector Antivirus, Download the exe file from https://www.indiaantivirus.com/downloadfullversion.asp
then double click to Install Net Protector Antivirus.
It will ask for product please enter the product key which you
have purchase from www.buyantiviruskey.com
Click Next to continue
Again Click Next to continue
Read Term and Condition if you want click on I Accept and Next to continue
Again Click Next to continue
Click Install to install Net Protector Antivirus. 
After installation finish it will show the register window click Next.
Fill the personal Information put dealer Code A-1037 Click Next.
Enter Email Id, mobile number and click Next it will register your product.

Net Protector Antivirusनेटप्रोटेक्टर 

India AntiVirus:
1206, SadashivPeth,
Pune – 411030

C-3, Shri Sai Ganesh Complex,
Karvenagar, Pune - 411052.

Toll Free Number      : 1800 200 6728
Telephone LL            :  (020) 6560 1480
Fax      :                         (020) 244 66 111
Mobile / SMS :              9271 98 3681 / 82 / 83 / 84
                                       9373 415 157