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Renew eScan AntiVirus 1 User 1 Year - Cloud Edition v14

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Renew eScan AntiVirus 1 PC 1 Year
IT users are increasingly adopting new and innovative technologies and spending more time online. Be it work, home or school, our dependence on technology has no limits and is only growing towards the upward graph. This has led to an array of cyber threats that are persistent, sophisticated and targeted increasing the risk of to our confidential information. Hence, in such situation preventing these evolving cyber threats is a must where as detecting them before they cause harm to your computing activities is equally important. eScan Anti-Virus with Cloud Security for Home and Small Office Edition is a specially designed security solution that provides real-time protection to computers from objectionable content and security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, and Phishing. With its advanced futuristic technologies, such as eScan Security Network, Advanced Virus Control, MWL* Technology, DIRC** Technology, NILP*** Technology, eScan Security Network, Advanced Virus Control and sophisticated Heuristics Algorithms, eScan protects your personal information and ensures safe computing environment to your family when browsing the internet, shopping online, performing online transactions, or social networking. Features and Benefits:- Stylish, User-friendly & Trendy GUI eScan Security Network (Cloud Technology – detects new and unknown threats) Advanced Virus Control (Smart Proactive Protection) Faster On-Demand Scanning Real-time Protection File & Folder Protection Effective Auto Back Up and Restore Advanced Anti-Spam USB Vaccination Two Way Firewall (Improved) Safe Mode Password Protection Automatic Downloads of Critical Windows OS Patches eScan Rescue Mode Efficient Remote Support Uninterrupted Gaming Experience Free Technical Support.

  • Stylish, User-friendly & Trendy GUI

eScan Anti-Virus with Cloud Security is optimized to increase performance and ease of use – including launching application and accessing other useful modules. It comes with a stylish and trendy 
  • eScan Security Network (Cloud Technology – detects new and unknown threats)

eScan’s cloud-based Security Network collects information from millions of eScan participant user's computers around the world when they are online, to safeguard your digital world from latest and unknown threats. It provides fast response to the latest virus threats without waiting for daily or traditional virus signature updates.
  • Advanced Virus Control (Smart Proactive Protection)

With new Advance Virus Control technology and highly sophisticated Heuristics Algorithms, eScan effectively scans and detects unknown malware that are continuously released by malware writers. It also detects and warns users about applications that behave in a suspicious manner, thus providing protection from Zero-Day threats. eScan allows you to block files from being accessed either locally or via the network. This further prevents network-based viruses from infecting all the connected computers.
  • Effective Auto Back Up and Restore

eScan features an Auto Back Up and Restore feature that allows you to take a backup of all the system files that are frequently used and stores them in an encrypted form. The feature automatically restores the clean files when eScan finds an infection in any of the system files.
  • Uninterrupted Gaming Experience

eScan's advanced Game Detection feature automatically detects the start of a game, movies and presentations when run in full screen and prevents all notifications and alerts from being displayed, thus ensuring you an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • Two Way Firewall (Improved)

It filters incoming and outgoing network activities on the computer and protects it from all types of network-based attacks. It also includes a set of predefined access control rules that the user can customize to filter network traffic.

USB Vaccination

This is a 'vaccine' provided for removable USB devices, which prevents USB devices from becoming a source of infection.
  • Automatic Downloads of Critical Windows® OS Patches

eScan automatically checks and downloads critical patches for the Windows® operating system from the Microsoft® Web site. It thus, prevents malware from exploiting vulnerabilities existing in the operating system.
  • Safe Mode Password Protection

eScan’s Safe Mode Password Protection prevents unauthorised access into Windows Safe Mode without a valid eScan password.
  • Faster On-Demand Scanning

eScan's enhanced On-Demand Scanner comprises of smart Whitelisting Technology that leads to faster scan of files, folders, memory, registry, services and all storage devices. Being light on the system resources, it ensures that the performance of your computer is not affected even while eScan is performing thorough system scans. It can run in conjunction with eScan Security Network cloud services, hence providing maximum protection from unknown threats.

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