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Kaspersky Premium 1 User - 1 Year

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Kaspersky Premium

Complete protection for your devices, privacy, and identity.


What’s included in Kaspersky Premium?

Explore all the protection, performance, privacy, and identity features in ultimate new plan. 

Identity Features & Premium Services

  • Identity Protection
    Ensures no one takes advantage of your identity, keeps your documents safe, and prevents remote access to your system.
  • 24/7 Remote IT Support
    Premium support for premium customers – helping you resolve security issues around the clock.

Privacy Features

  • Private and Uninterrupted Browsing
    Tools to stop online tracking, ads, and unauthorised connections to your home's devices, so your data and smart home system are secure
  • Personal & payment info protection
    Guards your banking apps, identifies data and password leaks, and protects you from crypto scams.
  • Unlimited and Fast VPN
    Complete online privacy and freedom without compromising on speed.

Performance Features

  • Hard Disk Cleaner & Health Monitor
    Tools to help you manage your device storage space, perform HDD health checks, and prevent any loss of your data.
  • Performance Optimisation
    Quick measures to boost the speed of your devices and make them run as fast as they were designed to.
  • Uninterrupted Entertainment
    Allows you to watch movies, play games, or use fullscreen apps without any interference – all at the maximum speed.

Security Features

  • Antivirus
    Multilayered protection designed to prevent and neutralise viruses and malware.
  • Anti-Hacking
    Tools to prevent unauthorised access and hijacking of your computer. Includes anti-ransomware, firewall, and cryptojacking protection.
  • Existing Threat Removal
    Technologies to detect vulnerabilities, remove viruses, and repair your PC if it has already been infected.

How to Install Kaspersky Premium

Go to: https://www.kaspersky.co.in/downloads/premium
Insert the Product key received from us.
Click on download software.
Double-click the downloaded file.
Click Continue.
Review Kaspersky Lab's End User License Agreement.
Read the agreement carefully and if you agree to all of its terms, click Continue.
Read the Kaspersky Security Network statement. If you accept the KSN Statement, leave the check box selected. Together with Kaspersky Internet Security
click Install
Wait for the installation to complete.
Make sure that the check box Run Kaspersky Premium is selected and click the Finish button to complete the installation. After you have installed and run it, activate Kaspersky Total Security.
run Kaspersky TotalSecurity
Enter activation code
Click on activate
When the activation is completed, click Finish

Kaspersky Premium
Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC +5:30)
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